Repair Services

Devices all the way from the newest phone or laptop down to the toldest flip phone or walkman.

Only Genuine Parts Used

Most of our parts come from out USA distributer in Virginia. For other hard to find parts we use high grade aftermarket premium replacement parts.

30 Day Peace of Mind Warranty

We offer warranty for 30 days for all of our repairs, services and sales for defective or non working issues.

An electronic device not switching on can be the result of many things. Most commonly there is a fault with the mainboard or the battery. We can diagnose a range of issues and replace only what's needed to be.
If we can't fix your device we will get in touch with you to discuss your options. We can either offer you a replacement device for a cost, or we can return the device to you and refund your service charge.
Every device that leaves our store comes with a €1,000 minimum insurance cover, so rest assured you won't be out of pocket if the worst happens. We also recommend insuring the mail to the value of your phone when you send it in for repairs.
That was a bit silly, wasn't it? Some believe putting the device in a bag of rice will solve all your problems. But this isn't true and sometimes the damage has already been done.